1.5 hours / 500

2 hours / 650

3 hours / 900

4 hours / 1100

Please add 250 for each additional hour beyond 4 hours

Couples please add 100 to each hour

Longer bookings available by request.

Minimum $50 fee applies for outcalls depending on travel.

Rates may vary while on tour. Please refer to tour ads.


Great for dinner, the movies, sporting event or whatever else the city has to offer.

2 hours / 450

3 hours / 600

4 hours / 800

Please add 150 for each additional hour beyond 4 hours of social time


Who is Lily?

A charming blonde à la Kristen Bell with an undeniable spark; think Debbie Harry in her heyday. From 9 to 5 she's working to climb the corporate ladder. In the evening she can let her hair down and really come to life. She's an avid concert-goer with an eclectic taste in music and a taste for scotch, and gin cocktails (her bevvy of choice is "The Last Word").

Lily delights guests in her penthouse condo just steps from the entertainment district. Her place is ideal for stealing away after an intimate dinner, or unwinding after cheering for the Blue Jays on a warm summer day. She enjoys the company of guests (including couples) no matter their background, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability and is always open to making accommodations as necessary.

Please note Lily has professional commitments during the day, so evenings & weekend meetings are ideal. However, she may accommodate day time bookings of 4+ hours with 1-2 weeks notice. Please enquire for details.


15 hours / 2400 (best for overnights)

24 hours / 3000

Weekend / 4000

1 Week / 6000


We'll steal a few admiring glances across the table at dinner then head back to mine or yours for dessert. This option is also great for the museum, sporting events, or whatever outing we come up with.

4 hours / 1000


Clock-free companionship. I'll fly to you in the morning, and be gone by the evening. Perfect for layovers, or folks who can't see me on tour or in my home city.


CAD for Canadian cities

USD for US cities

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact me and I'll be happy to provide a quote for the perfect rendez-vous.